AutomotiveAuto re-publish outdated weblog posts to all your configured social accounts. The lecture is addressing the key points identified by ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council) for the transport system from an R&D perspective. As the primary automotive expertise platform on collaborative research of the EU Commission in the field of street transportation, ERTRAC has just lately issued a sequence of roadmaps on automation of road transport (2015) electrification of vehicles (2016) and integrated urban mobility (2017). A global imaginative and prescient of these 3 roadmaps and ERTRAC’s suggestions will be presented by Mr di Paola-Galloni.

Heiko Schilling started out as a mathematician and computer scientist with a focus on software program innovation throughout his complete profession. From 1989 onwards, Heiko efficiently accomplished four academic degrees while running his personal companies or working for big companies. He joined TomTom 11 years in the past, reporting into Management Board. In his current position, he’s liable for TomTom’s Product Unit Navigation that delivers the software parts and services for all of TomTom’s navigation products – serving more than a hundred million navigation customers world-extensive with their mobility needs.

You and what you are promoting thrive on contacts and connections. AIAG gets you within the room with the individuals who may help your organization and your profession. Members join, construct networks, and be taught in conferences, boards, work teams, small focused occasions and enormous events the place consultants share the latest information impacting the business today.

This post is downright absurd. Have you ever actually just taken a BMW press-release and set it uncritically out in the world as reality? Sure, driving might lead to marginally cleaner emissions from the tailpipe, however the embodied energy within the technology is huge. Not to mention the production of the hydrogen (which often comes from reformation of hydrocarbons). This car isn’t efficient. It is merely a chance for the very wealthy to attempt to alleviate their guilt by embracing a technology that’s unlikely to ever attain mainstream success.

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This is the fundamental function of clusters by gathering all of the actors in an open strategy on 2 important pillars: collaborative innovation and collaborative business. The presentation will probably be illustrated by concrete examples from Mov’eo – French automotive & mobility cluster.