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AutomotiveAuto re-publish previous blog posts to all your configured social accounts. GL Plastics is an all-in-one provider for the automotive sector since the year 2000, this means we provide worldwide customer directed solutions for injection moulding, from product development to production of the plastic merchandise. Technical semi-completed merchandise with tolerances and complicated shape but also visible products with high demands for color, polish and floor structure. Batch sizes from thousands up to hundreds of thousands of items a yr. Innovation, Quality, Reliability, Flexibility are vital advantages which GL Plastics can offer you.

Yokogawa, the market leader in power measurement, has been developing accurate take a look at and measurement options for over a hundred years. We provide standalone measuring solutions that are designed to help engineers concerned in automotive system growth and compliance testing. Options are provided for 3 key application areas: Power Electronics & HEV drive trains, CAN, LIN bus & SENT monitoring, automobile elements and ITS tools. Go to us to know how Yokogawa may also help you with your measurement challenges.

Moreover, we set up guided excursions at the DAF Trucks Production Facility Eindhoven and there’s an exhibition for Automotive supply corporations. With over 25 years of experience within the subject of production automation, Total Productiveness provides optimized options.

The lecture is addressing the key issues recognized by ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Analysis Advisory Council) for the transport system from an R&D perspective. As the primary automotive expertise platform on collaborative analysis of the EU Commission within the area of street transportation, ERTRAC has not too long ago issued a collection of roadmaps on automation of road transport (2015) electrification of vehicles (2016) and integrated urban mobility (2017). A world vision of those three roadmaps and ERTRAC’s suggestions will likely be offered by Mr di Paola-Galloni.

GOM is a global industrial manufacturer that develops and produces revolutionary optical measurement options and technologies for 3D coordinate measurement and deformation analysis. GOM’s measuring techniques are based on digital image processing and are used in product development, quality assurance, material and element testing. Optical measuring expertise and full-area floor measurement programs have become a typical tool inside virtually all industries. The data from GOM’s measurement programs are a useful tool for quality control in modern product improvement and production course of chains.

Our expertise includes the built-in development and optimisation of autos, manufacturing services, derivatives and modules. This has made us what we are at the moment: the acknowledged, impartial engineering consultants for the automotive business.