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How is Classic Car Transport Different From Normal Car Transport?

It is very important that you understand how this type of transport differs from the normal auto transport when you need to hire a company to help you with classic or luxury car transport. There are a couple of ways they are different.

Having a classic or a luxury car means that you don’t just have any normal car. It is special and that makes transporting it much harder to do. There are many transport companies that won’t move any vehicle if it won’t run and can’t be drove.

This is something that you will need to research with each of the different companies to find out for sure. Classic or luxury cars need special care and handling because they are a different type of vehicle. Another way that this type of transport is different is that you don’t just want a quick move from one place to another. You want to be sure that the company you hire is insured and licensed in transporting classic or luxury cars.

If they are not then you most certainly want to find another company. The company being insured and licensed is important so that if anything happens during transport you will be covered. Before choosing to hire any company always check on this.

The method of transport is another thing that makes this type of transporting different. Classic or luxury cars that are in good condition and are without dents and scratches will need to be transported in an enclosed area so they are protected from the road debris, weather and exhaust from the transport vehicle.

This can be a little more expensive to do and is definitely something that you want to check out with each of the companies before making your final decision about who to hire. If the … Read more..

Budget Auto Repair: Should I Buy Used OEM or Aftermarket Parts?

Budget Auto Repair: Should I Buy Used OEM or Aftermarket Parts?
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are factory installed parts. They are the original parts that came with your automobile when it was sent to the dealership to be placed in their new car inventory. One would think you would consider OEM parts to make repairs because they are new, but they are extremely expensive to purchase and depending on the age of your vehicle or the impact of the repair cost on your budget these parts may not be easy to come by or the most efficient choice. As your vehicle ages, automobile manufacturers are introducing new automobile models to the marketplace and may discontinue this option leaving you no choice but to find an alternative. Locating that alternative is easier than you think. Let’s take a look at an outstanding, favorable budget solution to fix your car or truck with a used part.

New car parts on a gray background closeup

Used OEM parts can be an excellent choice in locating the best part selection for your automobile repair while securing the ideal budget friendly option. Used OEM auto parts are parts that are pulled from autos in which circumstances led for them to be submitted for salvage or recycling. Many salvage car parts have an extremely viable and productive life left and are readily available to be installed in your car. In general, because the part is a manufactured clone, the guarantee that it will be an exact match and the ideal fit leaves little room for error making for a smooth transition when making your repair. Used OEM auto parts are easily located for purchase online and many retailers have extensive inventory management systems like those incorporated by, an online recycled part marketplace. These retailers … Read more..